About Maureen Cooper and Books in a Box

Books ina Box, popular children's books‘Books In A Box’ was developed by Maureen Cooper – an inspired author from South Yorkshire.

“At secondary school I was the first girl in Yorkshire to sit for the General Certificate of Education. I started the full syllabus in the fourth year, staying on a further term and passed in English Language, English Literature and French. To my school it was a great achievement. To me, it was something I was committed to do.”

“When I was 60, my husband of 36 years of marriage passed away quite suddenly and I was left feeling very unsure of the future. I started to write stories about my dog Ben and my cat Sam-Puss.

“The beautiful village of Cockington in South Devon was a great favourite of our family. We used to take our grand-daughter there and have picnics by the cricket pitch and the lakes. My stories are inspired around those memories and my happy childhood, my beloved animals and the beautiful village of Cockington.

"Every week I present my own radio show where I introduce ‘Children’s Hour with Nana Cooper’ – A lovely opportunity to read my stories to listeners from all over the world. Currently thousands tune in to my programme every Wednesday.

"The future? With over 100 stories written so far, the best is yet to come.” She says confidently.