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We listen to Nana Cooper through Tune in on the TV in the Television lounge. We are a small hospice for young children up to six years old. We all look forward to Wednesday afternoon and Nana Coopers stories and the fun she has with the guy in the studio.
I have known and worked with Maureen for just over five years and its been a pleasure.
Maureen has a talent not many of us have, her children's stories are great even the adults like them.
All the children get ready each week to listen to Maureen and love the stories. All the staff here think the stories are lovely. Thank you for putting smiles on unhappy faces.
I must say what a delight the material was to receive! Well thought out, imaginative and beautifully written and presented. It has so much more potential than the majority of concepts.
I read these stories to my Foundation Class children who are aged between 4 and 5. Every afternoon they have a ‘restful reading’ session, and I like to read them stories that are mentally stimulating and help them in their development of language skills and understanding of the world.”

“These books are written in simple language with short sentences that are easy to read out loud, and also easy for the children to understand, without the language being too babyish. It is always good to have a few works in each story that are new to the children, as that can stimulate discussion around the story.”

“Simple concepts are ideal for Foundation Stage children, and these stories contain good little plot themes that we can talk about afterwards. We liked the development of the character from being very shy and scared, to being able to stand up for himself and defeat the bullies. There was also good emphasis on the importance of friendship and taking care of each other.”

“The stories contain good lessons for children about being polite and well mannered, without the stories being too preachy. The various characters are well-defined so the teacher can put on different voices for each personality, which makes story time more fun for the children (and the teacher!)
The children all listened attentively to all of the stories. The stories held their attention very well – quite an achievement with such young children! They enjoyed all the different stories and responded well to the story-lines. After listening, they demonstrated excellent comprehension skills, due to the suitable content and because the detail and length of the stories was just right for young children.”

“They told me that they liked the stories and the animal characters. One of the girls said that Maureen sounded just like her Granny! After listening to them, some of the children asked if they could hear them again. I put the CD on the listening table and many children chose to listen again and again. Several weeks later they could still re-tell the stories. They are appropriate for young children and I would happily recommend them to any child practitioner or parent.
The children, staff and myself have all enjoyed listening to the adventures of the two friends. Unlike a hospital setting most of our children have very severe special needs, and may be unable to understand the antics of the characters. They do however respond to the lovely tone and rhythm of the stories.”

“As the Hospice is a family setting we often have young siblings of the referred children who are well and healthy, and I think the CD will be a lovely way in which siblings can share these tales. Each child will be able to appreciate them in their own way, but it will be an experience they will have shared together.